Kick Push



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All Hands on Deck is een feit! Bedankt iedereen voor jullie enthousiasme en energie, zonder jullie geen expo.

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ID: 57


Toshy (The Netherlands 1970) creates a personal story with his art. Seducing climaxes, quotes and facts from the lives of well-known and less known people of the world, combined with a technically, recognizable and brilliant display of art. His portraits, which Toshy describes as odes, show the world the depths that lie within people as individuals. Toshy aims to trigger and inspire via his artwork and sees the world as a podium to display art as a communication form without limitations. Each artwork is personally signed with the motto ‘The world is your stage’.


The artwork refers to the hit single “Kick Push” by Lupe Fiasco. The song describes a love story between a male and a female misfit skateboarders.

Favorite Trick: Backside 360 kickflip

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