Thomas & Jurgen

Veiling gesloten.

De veiling voor "R A T S" is gesloten en heeft €60 opgebracht.

All Hands on Deck is een feit! Bedankt iedereen voor jullie enthousiasme en energie, zonder jullie geen expo.

Voor nu is de veiling gesloten. Alle winnaars worden persoonlijk benaderd per email.

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Thomas  Jurgen

Thomas & Jurgen

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We are Thomas & Jurgen, a Dutch based design studio founded in 2013 by Thomas Bevelander and Jurgen Wiegeraad. Research and process are important values for us when it comes to design. In doing so, we balance between conceptual and visual research. We strive to look for new combinations of material, media and technology to discover new and distinctive visual languages. Besides working on commissioned projects, we also create work on our own initiative to continue the development of our studio identity.


Trial and Error

Favorite Trick: Thomas: Nosemanual shove-it out Jurgen: Nollie

All Hands on Deck - Skateboard Expositie Breda

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