Lennarts de Bruijn

Veiling gesloten.

De veiling voor "Untitled.exe" is gesloten en heeft €60 opgebracht.

All Hands on Deck is een feit! Bedankt iedereen voor jullie enthousiasme en energie, zonder jullie geen expo.

Voor nu is de veiling gesloten. Alle winnaars worden persoonlijk benaderd per email.

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Lennarts  de Bruijn

Lennarts de Bruijn

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Super nice text about who we are and that we are based in The Hague. About the great work we make together and all our achievements and other relevant text and life goals. Inspiring words to get new assignments and more incentives to work with this amazing duo. Oh! And that we are a graphic design studio and make your frikadel special.


We were famous and on top of the world. Worked hard and became greater then Tony Hawk would ever be! Contracts, women, money and free stuff. We had it all! Until we turned off the computer.

Favorite Trick: Manual FTW! With this trick we were able to combine all the tricks in one whole play-trough to get the highest score.

All Hands on Deck - Skateboard Expositie Breda

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